Drum Shops in Sheffield

Drum Shops in Sheffield

If you're learning drums, your ability will begin to outstrip your equipment and you'll be looking for new kits and replacement or added parts and drums. Not to mention a place to buy new sticks! Here's a run-down of some of the local stores we recommend:

Rockem Music 

Rockem Music are one of the biggest music shops in the area with thousands of regular customers. Although they're not a drum-specialist shop, their wide range of expertise is great for multi-instrumentalists or those looking to play with a band. Their size means that they have a comprehensive range of brands of products availible to try and buy, and they're readily able to go into depth on anything, from what drum sticks to get to a brand new kit. Have a look at Rockem Music on Canklow Road, S60 2JB.

Rich Tone Music 

Primarily a guitar shop, Rich Tone Music don't have an extensive range of drum products. However, their electric kits are definitely worth a look and they stock a lot of second hand gear. Located on Broadfield Road, S8 0XL having just moved.

Music Junkee 

As an independent music store that deals with second-hand gear a lot, Music Junkee are great for a very personal approaching to drum shopping. Although not as big as some of the other stores, Music Junkee is a great place to find a good deal and some solid advice from passionate employees. You can find them at 62-64 Cambridge Street, S1 4HP.

There is more information about local drum shops on the Drum Lessons Sheffield page of the mgrmusic.com website.

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Lessons are driven by your tastes and goals, so we can help you whether you want to get better at death metal blast beats, hip hop beats, funk grooves or complex prog rock. I cover a whole range of different styles, tailoring each of my drum lessons around you the student and building a course of lessons that helps you to excel on the drums. Whatever you're looking to get out of our lessons, I will help you progress to the next level and improve your playing.

To find out more about my drum lessons or to arrange a trial give me a call on 03455 087243 or email!

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I've been to a few drum teachers, and Tom is the best I've had. His personalised style and well-equipped studio as well as his friendly and patient manner makes learning comfortable. Tom will help you learn from any ability, at any age and at your own pace.

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