Sheffield Drum Lessons

Sheffield Drum Lessons

Together, we'll work towards your goals, whether they be to learn to play for a band, learn songs you like or to achieve Grade 8. For beginner students I believe learning to play the drums must be done from the ground up. It is a craft and a sport, and learning all of the essential tools and techniques to play is vital for future success. That is why I teach how to co-ordinate the brains four segments and control the limbs independently. From here, students learn how to control the hands and feet using various techniques and how to apply these techniques to their performance. Throughout their learning, students will also learn how to read scores and sheet music, which will be provided on a weekly basis. Lesson plans can be provided prior to booking to check out what the student wants to learn and how, or, on request, a custom lesson plan can be made, tailored to what the student wants to learn, or how frequently they can attend lessons.

A student’s first lesson will include the fundamentals of the drum kit, identification of the parts of the kit and their uses (this is important for future creativity and applying every part of the kit to a groove), the segments of the brain, how to warm up, and some basic rudiments, and an introduction to a score and how to read it. From here, the student will use what they learned in the previous lesson to further their education. All ages and abilities are welcome, so it doesn't matter if you're a complete beginner who has never touched a kit in their life, or a Grade 8 drummer looking to touch up on some advanced rudiments. Simply get in touch to find out more!

Photography: Christian Bertrand

Learn to groove

Lessons are driven by your tastes and goals, so we can help you whether you want to get better at death metal blast beats, hip hop beats, funk grooves or complex prog rock. I cover a whole range of different styles, tailoring each of my drum lessons around you the student and building a course of lessons that helps you to excel on the drums. Whatever you're looking to get out of our lessons, I will help you progress to the next level and improve your playing.

To find out more about my drum lessons or to arrange a trial give me a call on 0114 489 1580 or email!

Learn to play drums!
I've been to a few drum teachers, and Tom is the best I've had. His personalised style and well-equipped studio as well as his friendly and patient manner makes learning comfortable. Tom will help you learn from any ability, at any age and at your own pace.

All styles covered Rock Jazz Funk Metal Pop R'n'B Percussion Big Band...and many more