Here are my drum lesson prices:

HALF HOUR - £12.50

ONE HOUR - £25

I teach the majority of my drum students an hours lesson each week, with a few taking their lessons every other week - it is totally up to you how often you would like to hold our drum lessons. For younger students I find the half-hour lessons each week works great, I also am currently running the following offers:

Beginner Offers

4 one hour lessons at £70*

4 half-hour lessons for £30*

*Only applies if they are your first four lessons with me.


"Tom has taught our son drums for the last 3 years, during which time his lessons have provided excellent musical knowledge and experience across various types of music. His work has been a major factor in the successful development of our son's musical skills and appreciation, helping him focus on the theory and rudiments as well as developing his listening skills to understand and play along with different styles of songs.

His style of teaching has helped improve confidence and develop the appreciation of how to practise, patience and listening can help break down the trickiest beat and how that can then be applied to create your own music. I can confidently recommend Tom as a friendly, knowledgeable and reliable music teacher and expert in his field." - John Southerington

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